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Current Affairs Objective Questions { National - Latest Current Affairs }

15. The government has set a loans disbursement target under PMMY at what amount?
A.Rs 3 trillion
B.Rs 4 million
C.Rs 3 billion
D.Rs 10 trillion
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16. Who took charged as MD of LIC?
A.Isha Mandal
B.Mini Ipe
C.Neha Sejwal
D.Ila Kumari
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17. Which country has rolled out the first train for Metro Coach of which city?
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18. The Samagra Shiksha Scheme has been extended till which year?
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19. Which IIT has launched the country's first Consortium for Virtual Reality?
A.IIT Madras
B.IIT Delhi
C.IIT Raurkela
D.IIT Roorkee
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20. The Government has allocated what amount under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME) scheme?
A.Rs 556 crore
B.Rs 756 crore
C.Rs 800 crore
D.Rs 700 crore
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21. Which university has been recognised as the 'District Green Champion' for the academic year 2020-21?
A.MDU Rohtak
B.Chitkara University
D.Delhi University
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