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Current Affairs Objective Questions { Miscellaneous - Latest Current Affairs }

8. Who authored the book titled- "The biography of a failed venture- Decoding success secret from the Blackbox of a Dead Startup"?
A.Ram Ahuja
B.Nirmal Singh
C.Girish Dutt
D.Prashant Desai
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9. Which one is the most endangered turtle in the world?
A.Swinhoe's softshell
B.Lady Boxworth
C.Miss Shellington
D.Koopa Troopa
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10. Who authored the book titled "Balkot Air Strike: How India Avenged Pulwama"?
A.Manan Bhatt
B.Chetan Bhagat
C.Aruna Roy
D.Rashmi Sharma
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11. What is the rank of India in the Global Hunger Index?
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12. Who authored the book titled "My Own Mazagon"?
A.Devi Nayak
B.Chetan Bhagat
C.Mira Das
D.Ramesh Babu
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13. Who authored the book titled "Leopard Diaries-the Rosette in India"?
A.Nilesh Sharma
B.Mahesh Das
C.Sanjay Gubbi
D.Radha Devi
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14. Who has authored the book titled "In An Ideal World"?
A.Chetan Bhagat
B.Geeta Sharma
C.Kunal Basu
D.Aarti Sehgal
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