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Current Affairs Objective Questions { Important Days - Latest Current Affairs }

50. In India, which day is observed as National Fish Farmers' Day?
A.09 July
B.07 July
C.10 July
D.08 July
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51. When the 86th birthday of Dalai Lama is celebrated?
A.5 July
B.4 July
C.6 July
D.7 July
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52. The World Chocolate Day is celebrated on which day?
A.First Tuesday of July
B.July 7
C.First Wednesday of July
D.July 6
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53. When was Crop Insurance Week 2021 observed?
A.July 1 - July 7
B.July 3 - July 9
C.July 4 - July 10
D.July 2 - July 8
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54. Which day of the year is observed as World Zoonoses Day?
A.July 06
B.July 05
C.First Monday of July
D.First Tuesday of July
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55. When the death anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is observed?
A.2 July
B.3 July
C.5 July
D.4 July
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56. The International Plastic Bag Free Day is celebrated on which date?
A.1 July
B.3 July
C.2 July
D.4 July
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