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Current Affairs Objective Questions { Education - Latest Current Affairs }

1. Which e-learning platform has been featured in Time Magazine's 2021 list of 100 most influential companies?
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2. Which organisation has launched the CollabCAD software to provide a total engineering solution for students?
A.National Informatics Centre
D.Both A and B
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3. A training program for school children named 'Yuvika' is being conducted by which Indian organization?
A.Defence Research and Development Organisation
B.Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
C.Indian Space Research Organization
D.Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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4. Which course will be discontinued as per National Education Policy (NEP) 2020?
A.M. Com
B.M. Ed
C.M. Phil
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5. National Education Policy 2020 emphasizes to set up which fund?
A.Education Upliftment Fund
B.Gender Inclusion Fund
C.Social Empowerment Fund
D.Gender Equality Fund
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