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Current Affairs Objective Questions { Bills and Acts - Latest Current Affairs }

1. Under which section of IPC sedition law is presented?
A.Section 121
B.Section 123
C.Section 124
D.Section 122
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2. From when will be 'One Nation One Ration Card' scheme, available across the country?
A.30th June
B.1st July
C.2nd July
D.5th July
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3. The Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog (RKA) would be set up for __________ ?
A.Conservation of Cows
B.Protection of Cows
C.Progeny of Cows
D.All of the above
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4. Name the bill that was passed in the Parliament that seeks to clarify that allottees under a real estate project should be treated as financial creditors.
A.Recovery of Non-Performing Assets Bill, 2017
B.Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Second Amendment) Bill, 2018
C.Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (First Amendment) Bill, 2017
D.Recovery of Non-Performing Assets (Amendment) Bill, 2018
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5. Which of the following country's Parliament approved Anti-Defection Bill?
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