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Current Affairs Objective Questions {  Art and Culture - Latest Current Affairs }

43. Hero - A biography of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was written by ___________.
A.David Conn
B.Devendra Prabhudesai
C.David Walsh
D.Darren Rovell
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44. Narendra Modi released ____ volumes of Basavanna's Vachana on social reformer's birth anniversary.
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45. Who is the author of the book One Part Woman that in recent past was chosen for Sahitya Akademi's award for translation in English?
A.Aniruddhan Vasudevan
B.Ashwani Kumar
C.Anand Neelakanthan
D.Yasser Usman
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46. The book 'The Hit Girl' is the autobiography of
B.Asha Parekh
C.Hema Malini
D.None of them
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47. The Flaming Tresses of Draupadi was written by
A.Chetan Bhagat
B.Veerappa Moily
C.Kapil Sibal
D.Aakash Jain
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48. Who is the author of the book titled Hope in a Challenged Democracy- An Indian Narrative, which released recently?
A.Paranjoy Guha Thakurta
B.Ashwani Kumar
C.Romesh Thapar
D.Shashi Tharoor
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49. Colson Whitehead won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Name the book/novel for which he was chosen for the award.
A.Zone One
B.The Underground Railroad
C.The Intuitionist
D.The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death
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