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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Water Resources Engineering }

29. The equation P ? Q = Te 0-index for determining the infiltration capacity, was suggested by
A. Horton
B. Horner
C. Llyod
D. Bernard.

30.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. If ground water enters the channel, the channel is known as effulent channel
B. If water goes out of channel to meet ground water, the channel is said to be influent stream
C. If the water table is at higher level than the water level in channel, ground water flows to the stream
D. All the above.

31. Precipitation includes
A. rain
B. snow
C. hail
D. all of these.

32. Pressure exerted by fully saturated air, is known
A. partial pressure
B. saturation vapour pressure
C. saturation pressure
D. B and C of the above.

33. A volume of air at constant barometric pressure may be brought to dew point by
A. increasing the temperature
B. decreasing the temperature
C. neither A nor B
D. both A and B.

34.  If the dew point is greater than 0?C
A. dew will be formed
B. frost will be formed
C. vapours will be formed
D. neither of these,

35. Humidity refers to
A. temperature of the air
B. pressure of the air
C. moisture content of the air
D. volume of the air,

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