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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Water Resources Engineering }

22. Pick up the correct statement from the following
A. The amount of water retained on the surface of soil grains by molecular attraction, is known as pellicular water
B. The degree of resistance to movement of the pellicular water generally expressed by the surface tension
C. The pellicular water held in any soil, is called field capacity
D. All the above.

23. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The portion of pellicular water which remains unutilised, is called hygroscopic water
B. The moisture content at which permanent wilting of plants takes place, is called the wilting point
C. The path of the water required to bring the soil moisture content of a soil up to its field capacity is called soil moisture deficiency
D. All the above.

24. The main factor which affects the infiltration capacity, is
A. thickness of saturated layer
B. depth of surface detention
C. soil moisture
D. all the above.

25. The infiltration capacity during rain storm, is considerably reduced due to
A. surface detention
B. soil moisture
C. compaction due to rain
D. all the above.

26. According to Robert E. Horton, the equation of infiltration capacity curve, is, where letters carry their usual meanings.
A. f = fc eki
B. f = f t ? e-kt
C. f = ft +? fe) e-kt
D. f = f +? fc) ekt

27. Rain simulators are used for the determination of
A. evaporation
B. precipitation
C. run off
D. infiltration capacity

28. If the slope of a line for infiltration capacity curve is 1 to 1.737 , the value of constant k in Horton's equation of infiltration capacity curve, is
D. 4.0.

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