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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Water Resources Engineering }

15. Run off includes
A. precipitation over catchment area of the stream and its attributaries
B. surface run off
C. ground water flow
D. all the above.

16. Pick up the correct equation from the following :
A. Run off = Surface run off + Ground water flow
B. Run off= Surface run off? Ground water flow
C. Run off= Surface run off + Ground water flow
D. Run off= Surface run off x Ground water flow.

17. Hydrograph is a graphical representation of
A. surface run off
B. ground water flow
C. rain fall
D. discharge flowing in the river

18. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Hydrograph is a plot of discharge and time
B. In hydrographs, time is plotted on X-axis
C. The maximum flow in the river due to rainfall, is called peak flow
D. All the above.

19. Infiltration capacity of soil depends upon
A. number of voids present in the soil
B. shape and size of soil particles
C. arrangement of soil particles
D. all the above.

20. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. When rainfall rate exceeds the infiltration capacity, the water enters the soil at full capacity rate
B. When rainfall rate is less than the infiltration capacity, the infiltration rate is approximately equal to the rainfall rate
C. The actual infiltration rate at any time may be equal to or less than the infiltration capacity
D. All the above.

21.  A soil strata may consist of
A. soil zone
B. intermediate zone
C. capillary zone
D. all the above.

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