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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Water Resources Engineering }

127.  Consumptive amount of use of a crop during growth, is the
A. interception
B. transpiration
C. evaporation
D. all the above.
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128.  Evaporation losses depend upon
A. area of the water surface and depth of the water
B. nature of precipitation and type of vegetation
C. humidity and wind velocity
D. all the above,
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129.  The rate of evaporation from reservoirs may be determined by
A. pan-measurement method
B. empirical formulae
C. storage equation method
D. all the above.
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130.  For calculating the evaporation rate over a reservoir surface E = 0.771 (1.465 - 0.00732 B) (0.44 - 0.007375 V) (pe -Pa), the equation is given by
A. Roohwer's formula in M.K.S.
B. Roohwer's formula in F.P.S.
C. Dalton's formula in F.P.S.
D. Dalton's formula in M.K.S.
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131. In estimating the rate of evaporation from the reservoir surface, a pan 1.5 metres in diameter, was filled upto 8.0 cm. During a specified period of time, the rainfall recorded was 5 cm. 3 cm of water was removed from the pan to keep the depth of water. At the end of the time, the depth was 9 cm. If the pan coefficient is 0.6, the evaporation loss is
A. 2 mm
B. 4 mm
C. 6 mm
D. 6 mm.
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132.  Phytometer method is generally used for the measurement of
A. interception
B. evaporation
C. transpiration
D. none of these.
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133.  Dicken's formula for high flood estimate, is useful only for the catchments in
A. Southern India
B. Northern India
C. Eastern India
D. Western India.
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