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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Water Resources Engineering }

120. When a constant discharge 2.91 litres/sec. was obtained in a pumping test, the draw downs in the test wells at 3 m and 6.184 m were 2.6 m and 0.3 m respectively. If over-all depth of the pumping well was 16 m, the permeability of the soil, is
A. 0.0005 cm/sec _
B. 0.001 cm/sec
C. 0.002 cm/sec
D. 0.01 cm/sec.
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121. A well is sunk in an unconfined aquifer having a saturated depth of 100 m. Assuming the equilibrium flow
A. 2/3
B. 5/4
C. 4/5
D. 8/7.
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122.  A well penetrates to 30 m below the static water table. After 24 hours of pumping at 31.40 litres/minute, the water level in a test well at a distance of 80 m is lowered by 0.5 m and in a well 20 m away water is lowered by 1.0 m. The transmissibility of the auifer, is
A. 1.185 m2/minute
B. 1.285 m2/minute
C. 1.385 m2/minute
D. 1.485 m2/minute
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123. Shrouding is provided in
A. cavity type tube wells
B. slotted type tube wells
C. strainer type tube wells
D. perforated type tube wells,
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124. The efficiency of a pump may be taken as
D. 0.70.
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125.  If h is the loss due to friction in a pipe. Total losses in strainer and bends may be taken as
A. 0.01 h
B. 0.45 h
C. 0.20 h
D. 0.25 h
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126.  If the loss due to friction in pipes is 4 m, the total losses in strainer and bends may be taken as
A. 0.10 m
B. 0.20 m
C. 0.5 m
D. 1.0 m.
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