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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Water Resources Engineering }

78.  The average mean velocity of a stream having depth h, may be obtained by taking the average of the readings of a current meter at a depth of
A. 0.1 h and 0.9 h
B. 0.2 h and 0.8 h
C. 0.3 h and 0.7 h
D. 0.4 h and 0.6 h.

79.  If the velocities of flow of a stream of 10 m depth recorded by a current meter at depths of 2 m and 8 m are 0.7 m and 0.3 m respectively, the discharge per unit width of the stream in cubic metres, is

80. The run off is affected by
A. type of precipitation
B. rain intensity and duration of rainfall
C. rain distribution and soil moisture deficiency
D. all the above.

81. The run off is affected by
A. size of the basin
B. shape of the basin
C. elevation of the water shed
D. all the above.

82. The form factor of a drainage basin is obtained by dividing
A. area of the basin by the axial length
B. average width of the basin by the axial basin
C. area of the basin by the square of the axial length
D. both B and C.

83. The area of a drainage basin whose axial length is 100 km is 2500 sq. km. Its form factor is

84.  If the axial length of a drainage basin is 35 km and its form factor is 0.2, the total area of the basin is
A. 205 sq. km.
B. 215 sq. km.
C. 225 sq. km.
D. 245 sq. km.

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