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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Tunnelling }

36. The method of draining in the tunnels, is generally known as
A. foredrainage
B. dewatering
C. permanent drainage
D. All of the above.

37. Which one of the following methods is adopted for permanent drainage of tunnels :
A. provision of longitudinal drains
B. continuous open drains
C. concrete lining
D. All the above.

38.  Pick up the mechanical ventilation method used for tunnels from the following
A. blowing fresh air by ducts to the face of tunnel
B. exhausting foul air by ducts from the face of the tunnel and permitting fresh air through the tunnel
C. blowing fresh air and exhausting foul air by ducts
D. all the above.

39.  For hauling muck from the tunnel, the following type of muck-car is used :
A. muck box
B. balle-ship
C. side dump car
D. All of these.

40.  In the wooded bulk-head, used for mucking in steep grade tunnels,
A. one opening is provided
B. two openings are provided
C. three openings are provided
D. no opening is provided.

41.  Which one of the following methods is generally used for the layout of the muck-car tracks
A. the grass hopper method
B. passing track method
C. the cherry picker
D. All the above.

42.  An overhead track on a large truss frame is required in case of car changer by
A. the grass hopper method
B. the passing track method
C. California crossing method
D. Dixon conveyor method.

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