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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Tunnelling }

29.  To attain the required shape of the 'tunnel section, we use :
A. easers
B. trimmers
C. cut holes
D. chisels.

30. Pick up the explosive used for tunnelling in soft rocks from the following :
A. blasting gelatine
B. special gelatin
C. ammonia dynamite
D. semi-gelatine.

31. Pick up the correct statement from the following during tunnel excavation,
A. Oxygen should not be less than 19.5%
B. Carbondioxide should not be more than 0.5%
C. Hydrogen sulphide should not be more than 0.001%
D. All of the above.

32.  The concentration of the dust particles of the size 0.5 to 5 microns adjacent to the working face should not be more than
A. 200 particles/cm3
B. 250 particles/cm3
C. 300 particles/cm3
D. 450 particles/cm3

33. Which one of the following linings is suitable for shield driven tunnels particularly in the subaqueous regions :
A. Brick lining
B. stone lining
C. timber line
D. cast iron lining

34. Concrete lining is provided concurrently with the driving operation in case of
A. rock terrain
B. soft rock
C. running soil
D. none of these.

35.  High pressure grouting is generally restored for concreting in the lining if the rock strata is :
A. highly fissured
B. poor
C. likely to get seepage of VTater
D. All of the above.

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