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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Tunnelling }

1. The tunnels, the artificial underground passages are constructed for
A. highways
B. railways
C. sewerage
D. All the above.
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2.  The following tunnels were constructed in different countries for different purposes : 1. Emperor Claudius built the first Roman tunnel 2. The first highway tunnel was constructed in Hungary 3. The first underground railway tunnel was constructed in Great Britain 4. The first navigational tunnel was constructed in France. The correct chronological development of these tunnels is:
A. 4,1,3,2
B. 1,4,2,3
C. 2,3,1,4
D. 3,2,4,1.
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3. For highways, tunnelling is preferred to if the open cut exceeds :
A. 10 metres depth
B. 15 metres depth
C. 20 metres depth
D. 25 metres depth.
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4. In case of railways,
A. a detour round the hill is preferred
B. a open cut is preferred
C. tunnelling is preferred
D. All the above.
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5.  A tunnel is found more advantageous as compared to the alternate routes because it :
A. remains free from snow
B. reduces the cost by reducing the route distance
C. reduces the maintenance cost
D. All the above.
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6.  For initial surveys of tunnels, the following activities are involved : 1. Marking portal point with concrete pillars on the ground 2 Marking tunnel obligatory points on the topographical maps 3. Preliminary setting of the tunnel on the topographical Survey of India maps 3. Driving lines between the fixed obligatory points. The correct sequence of the activities is :
A. 3,2,4,1
B. 1,2,3,4
C. 4,3,1,2
D. 2,4,3,1.
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7.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The topographical maps of the Survey of India are useful in the mountainous region for tunnelling.
B. The height point on the ridge is fixed with the help of reciprocal ranging
C. The accuracy of 1 in 10,000 is required for planimetric control
D. All the above.
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