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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Theory Of Structures }

57. A rolled steel joist is simply supported at its ends and carries a uniformly distributed load which causes a maximum deflection of 10 mm and slope at the ends of 0.002 radian. The length of the joist will be,
A. 10 m
B. 12 m
C. 14m
D. 16 m
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58. A simply supported rolled steel joist 8 m long carries a uniformly distributed load over it span so that the maximum bending stress is 75 N/mm2. If the slope at the ends is 0.005 radian and the value of E = 0.2 x 106 N/mm2, the depth of the joist, is
A. 200 mm
B. 250 mm
C. 300 mm
D. 400 mm.
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59. A truss containing j joints and m members, will be a simple truss if
A. m = 2j ? 3
B. j = m ? 3
C. m = 3j ? 2
D.j = 3m ? 2.
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60. A compound truss may be formed by connecting two simple rigid frames, by
A. two bars
B. three bars
C. three parallel bars
D. three bars intersecting at a point.
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61.  mi and m2 are the members of two individual simple trusses of a compound truss. The compound truss will be rigid and determinate if
A. ,n = + m2
B. m = mi + m2 + 1
C. m = m1 + m2 + 2
D. m = m1 + m2 + 3.
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62. The forces in the members of simple trusses, may be analysed by
A. graphical method
B. method of joints
C.method of sections
D. all the above.
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63. In a shaft, the shear stress is not directly proportional to
A. radius of the shaft
B. angle of twist
C. length of the shaft
D. modulus of rigidity.
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