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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Theory Of Structures }

50.  For beams of uniform strength if breadth is constant,
A. depth d M
B. depth d Nikf
C. depth d 0= 3
D. depth d ?m
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51. Beams composed of more than one material, rigidly connected together so as to behave as one piece, are known as
A. Compound beams
B. Indeterminate beams
C. Determinate beams
D. Composite beams.
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52. A composite beam is composed of two equal strips one of brass and other of steel. If the temperature is raised
A. steel experiences tensile force
B. brass experiences compressive force
C. composite beam gets subjected to a couple
D. All the above.
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53. The ratio of maximum and average shear stresses on a rectangular section, is
D. All the above.
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54. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The bending stress in a section is zero at its neutral axis and maximum at the outer fibres
B. The shear stress is zero at the outer fibres and maximum at the neutral axis
C. The bending stress at the outer fibres, is known as principal stress
D. 2.5.
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55. A steel bar 20 mm in diameter simply supported at its ends over a total span of 40 cm carries a load at its centre. If the maximum stress induced in the bar is limited to 480 N/mm2, the bending strain energy stored in the bar, is
A. 411 N
B. 511 N mm
C. 611 N mm
D. 711 N mm.
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56.  A cantilever of length 2 cm and depth 10 cm tapers in plan from a width 24 cm to zero at its free end. If the modulus of elasticity of the material is 0.2 x 106 N/mm2, the deflection of the free end, is
A. 2 nun
B. 3 mm
C. 4 mm
D. 5 mm
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