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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Theory Of Structures }

43. At any point of a beam, the section modulus may be obtained by dividing the moment of inertia of the section by
A. depth of the section
B. depth of the neutral axis
C. maximum tensile stress at the section
D. maximum compressive stress at the section

44. The assumption in the theory of bending of beams, is :
A. material is homogeneous
B. material is isotropic
C.Young's modulus is same in tension as well as in compression
D. all the above.

45. In case of principal axes of a section
A. sum of moment of inertia is zero
B. difference of moment inertia is zero
C. product of moment of inertia is zero
D. none of these.

46. The locus of the moment of inertia about inclined axes to the principal axis, is
A. straight line
B. parabola
C. circle
D. ellipse.

47. The ratia of moments of inertia of a triangular section about its base and about a centroidal axis parallel to its base, is
D. 3.0.

48. For a strongest rectangular beam cut from a circular log, the ratio of the width and depth, is
D. 0.707.

49. For beams of uniform strength, if depth is constant,
A. width b M
B. width b NaTI
C. width b 3 4-1
D. width b .< m-1

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