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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Theory Of Structures }

36. Gradually applied static loads do not change with time their
A. magnitude
B. direction
C. point of application
D. For a load varying linearly, the B.M. curve is a cubic parabola
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37. The S.F. diagram of a loaded beam shown in Fig. 21.4 is that of
A. a simply supported beam with I isolated central load
B. a simply supported beam with uniformly distributed load
C. a cantilever with an isolated load at the free end a cantilever with a uniformly distributed load.
D. all the above.
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38. A simply supported beam which carries a uniformly distributed load has two equal overhangs. To have maximum B.M. produced in the beam least possible, the ratio of the length of the overhang to the total length of the beam, is
D. 0.508.
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39.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. For a uniformly distributed load, the shear force varies linearly
B. For a uniformly distributed load, B.M. curve is a parabola
C. For a load varying linearly, the shear force curve is a parabola
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40. The point of contraflexure is the point where
A. B.M. changes sign
B. B.M. is maximum
C. B.M. is minimum
D. S .F . is zero.
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41. The general expression for the B.M. of a beam of length 2 ' the beam carries
A. a uniformly distributed load w/unit length
B. a load varying linearly from zero at one end to w at the other end
C. an isolated load at mid span
D. none of these.
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42. By applying the static equations i.e. EH = 0,EV =0 and ZM = 0, to a determinate structure, we may determine
A. supporting reactions only
B. shear forces only
C. bending moments only
D. all the above.
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