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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

414.  For the revison of an existing survey with the heldp of plane table we generally use
A. radiation method
B. intersection method
C. resection method
D. none of these.
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415.  A point determined by resection on a plane table is called :
A. survey point
B. survey station
C. planetable fix
D. none of these.
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416.  Pick up the correct rule used to assist in determining the plane table fix from the following :
A. The plane table fix will be inside the triangle of error if the instrument is inside the triangle formed by the three ground points sighted
B. Looking along the rays from the plane table towards the points to which they refer, the plane table fix will lie either to the right of all three rays or to the left of all three rays
C. The perpendicular distances of the planetable fix from the tree rays are proportional to the distances from the plane table of the corresponding points
D. All the above.
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417.  The stadia lines of a tacheometer are :
A. top line and middle line
B. middle line and bottom line
C. top line and bottom line
D. none of these.
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418.  If the additive constant of a tacheometer is very small but not actually zero, which one of the following approximate formula may be used : sn2
A. H = (C + K) cos2
B. V = (C, + K)i20
C. Both A and B
D. Neither A nor B
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419.  Tilt of the vertically held staff increases the intercept when the telescope points :
A. uphill and the staff tilted away from the telescope
B. down hill and the staff tilted away from the telescope
C. up hill and the staff titled towards the telescope
D. none of the above.
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420.  If a staff is held with a 2? tilt when the angle of elevation is 15?, the probable error is :
A. 1 :50
B. 1 :75
C. 1 :100
D. 1 :125
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