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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

407.  For a design speed of 80 km/h, the normal radius (m) for 4 percent super elevation is :
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408.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. super elevation = 1 in 314 -- where V is the designV2 speed in km/h and R is the radius in metres
B. superelevation should not be steeper than 7% (1 in 14.5)
C. superelevation should not be flatter than 1 in 48
D. All the above.
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409.  Pick up the correct correction applied to a triangulation base from the following :
A. The correction for tension is positive if applied tansion is greater than standard tension
B. The sag correction is negative
C. The slope correction is negative
D. All the a12ove. gulation station
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410.  The distance between satellite station and main trian-
A. should be 10 to 15 metres
B. shoulb be correct to 5 mm
C. should retain an accuracy of 0.1 sec
D. all the above.
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411.  Pick up the incorrect statement regarding the selection of the current meter station from the following :
A. The channel should be regular in shape and straight up-and down stream of resection.
B. The channel bed should be free of obstruction.
C. The flow in the channel should be turbulent.
D. None of these.
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412.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The theodolite is essentially an English instrument from its first inception
B. The survey of India provided the popularity to the plane table as survey instrument
C. The plane table is used to prepare map in the field without the direct measurement of any angles and without calculation
D. All the above.
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413.  Usefullness of plane table is enhanced by providing :
A. The Indian tangent clinometers
B. The box compass
C. The optical square
D. The planimeter
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