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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

29. The limiting length of an offset does not depend upon
A. accuracy of the work
B. method of setting out perpendiculars
C. scale of plotting
D. indefinite features to be surveyed.
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30. Chain surveying is well adopted for
A. small areas in open ground
B. small areas with crowded details
C. large areas with simple details
D. large areas with difficult details.
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31. The angle between two plane mirrors of optical square, is
A. 20?
B. 30?
C. 45?
D. 60?
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32. An angles of 45? with a chain line may be set out with
A. optical square
B. open cross staff
C. Fench cross staff
D. prismatic square.
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33. For taking offsets with an optical square on the right hand side of the chain line, it is held
A. by right hand upside down
B. by left hand upright
C. by right hand upright
D. by left hand up side down.
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34. If the chain line which runs along N-S direction is horizontal and the ground in E-W direction is sloping
A. it is possible to set offsets correctly on east side
B. it is possible to set offsets correctly on east side
C. it is not possible to se* offsets correctly on west side
D. it is possible to set offsets correctly on both sides.
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35. Perpendicularity of an offset may be judged by eye, if the length of the offset is
A. 5 m
B. 10 m
C. 15 m
D. 20 m.
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