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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

316. Which of the following introduces an error of about 1 in 1000 off 20 m chain is used
A. length of chain 20 mm wrong
B. one end of the chain 0.9 m off the line
C. one end of chain 0.9 m higher than the other
D. all the above.
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317. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. while measuring a distance with a tape of length 100.005 m, the distance to be increasing by 0.005 m for each tape length
B. an increase in temperature causes a tape to increase in length and the measured distance is too large
C. the straight distance between end points of a suspended tape is reduced by an amount called the sag correction
D. a 100 m tape of cross section 10 mm x 0.25 mm stretches about 10 mm under 5 kg pull.
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318. If 0 is the slope of the ground and 1 is the measured distance, the correction is
A. 21 sin2 0/2
B. 21 cos2 0/2
C. 21 tan2 0/2
D. 21 cot2 0/2.
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319. If h is the difference in level between end points h2 h4 separated by 1, then the slope correction is ? + ? . The second term may be neglected if the value of h in a 20 m distance is less than
A. -2 M
B. 1 m
C. 2 m
D. 3 m.
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320. If 50 m point of a 100 m tape is 50 cm off line, and 50 m sections are straight, an error is generated equal to
B.15,000 C 20,000
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321. The sag of 50 m tape weighing 4 kg under 5 kg tension is roughly
A. 0.043 m
B. 0.053 m
C. 0.063 m
D. 0.083 m.
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322. The Random errors tend to accumulate proportionally to
A. numbers of operations involved
B. reciprocal of operations involved
C. square root of the number of operation involved
D. cube root of the number of operation involved.
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