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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

309. Which one of the following statements is correct ?
A. when the axes of rotation of the graduated circle and the verniers are not coincident, the instrument possesses eccentricity
B. the mean of the readings of the two verniers gives correct reading free from the eccentricity
C. one vernier may be used if the readings of two verniers differ by a constant
D. all the above.
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310. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. with both handles in his left hand, the chain man throws out the chain with his right hand and the second chain man assists him to free it from knots
B. the follower of the chaining operation should be more experienced than the leader
C. at the end of the tenth chain length, the two chain men meet and the ten arrows are handed over to the leader
D. all the above.
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311. The chaining on sloping ground is
A. easier along the falling gradient
B. easier along the up gradient
C. equally convenient along falling as well as up gradient
D. all the above.
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312. While measuring the distance between two points along upgrade with the help of a 20 m chain, the forward end of the chain is shifted forward through a distance
A. 20 (sin e - 1)
B. 20 (cos 0 - 1)
C. 20 (sec - 1)
D. 20 (cosec 0 - 1).
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313. The slope correction for a 3? slope for a length of 100 m, is
A. 0.11 m
B. 0.12 m
C. 1.13 m
D. 1.14 m.
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314. The slope correction may be ignored if
A. the slope of the ground is less than 3?
B. to slope of the ground is say 1 in 19
C. both A and B
D. neither A nor B.
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315. Which one of the following mistakes/ errors may be cumulative + or -
A. bad ranging
B. bad straightening
C. erroneous length of chain
D. sag.
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