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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

22. While measuring a chain line between two stations A and B intervened by a raised ground
A. vision gets obstructed
B. chaining gets obstructed
C. both vision and chaining get obstructed
D. all the above.

23. Prolongation of chain line across an obstruction in chain surveying, is done by
A. making angular measurements
B. drawing perpendiculars with a chain
C. solution of triangles
D. all the above.

24. In chain surveying tie lines are primarily provided
A. to check the accuracy of the survey
B. to take offsets for detail survey
C. to avoid long offsets from chain lines
D. to increase the number of chain lines.

25. In chain surveying field work is limited to
A. linear measurements only
B. angular measurements only
C. both linear and angular measurements
D. all the above.

26. Check lines (or proof lines) in Chain Surveying, are essentially required
A. to plot the chain lines
B. to plot the offsets
C. to indicate the accuracy of the survey work
D. to increase the out-turn

27. A well conditioned triangle has no angle less than
A. 20?
B. 30?
D. 60?.

28. The accuracy of measurement in chain surveying, does not depend upon
A. length of the offset
B. scale of the plotting
C. importance of the features
D. general layout of the chain lines.

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