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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

253. While measuring with a metallic tape of 30 m length pull should be applied
A. 1 kg
B. 2 kg
C. 3 kg
D. 4 kg.
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254. A sewer is laid from a manhole A to a manhole B, 250 m away along a gradient of 1 in 125. If the reduced level of the invert at A is 205.75 m and the height of the boning rod is 3 m, the reduced level of the sight rail at B, is
A. 208.75 m
B. 202.75 m
C. 206.75 m
D. 211.75 m.
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255. The ratio of the distances at which a stated length can be distinguished by the telescope and the human eye, respectively, is called
A. brightness of telescope
B. magnification of telescope
C. resolving power of telescope
D. none of these.
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256. Pick up the correct statement from the following
A. A level surface is perpendicular at all points to the direction of gravity
B. A level line lies in level surface
C. A horizontal surface is normal to the direction of gravity at only one point
D. All the above.
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257. The first reading from a level station is
A. foresight
B. intermediate sight
C. back-sight
D. any sight.
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258. In case of reduction oflevels by the height of instrument method,
A. E B.S. - E F.S. = difference in R.L.S of the first station and last station
B. E (R.L. + I + F.S.) - first R.L= E (H.I. + No. of R.L.s.)
C. both A and B above
D. neither A nor B.
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259. Bergchrund is a topograhical feature in
A. plains
B. water bodies
C. hills
D. glaciated region.
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