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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

246. A dumpy level was set up at the mid-point between two pegs A and B, 50 m apart and the staff readings at A and B were 1.22 and 1.06. With the level set up a A, the readings at A and B were 1.55 and 1.37. The collimation error per 100 m length of sight is
A. 0.02 m inclined upwards
B. 0.04 m inclined downwards
C. 0.04 m inclined upward
D. none of these.
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247. The bearings of the lines AB and BC are 146? 30' and 68? 30'. The included angle ABC is
A. 102?
B. 78?
C. 45?
D. none of these.
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248. While setting a plane table at a station it was found that the error in centering was 30 cm away from the ray of length 40 m drawn from the station. If the scale of the plan is 1. cm = 2 cm, the displacement of the end of the ray in plan from the true position will be
A. 0.02 cm
B. 0.15 cm
C. 02 cm
D. 0.1 cm.
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249. The staff reading at a distance of 80 m from a level with the bubble at its centre is 1.31 m. When the bubble is moved by 5 divisions out of the centre, the reading is 1.39 m. The angular value of the one division of the bubble, is
A. 28.8 secs
B. 41.25 secs
C. 14.52 secs
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250. Staff readings on pegs x and y from X station are 1.755 m and 2.850 m, and from station Y on staff head at Y and X are 0.655 m and 1.560 m. If,reduced level of X is 105.5 m, the reduced level of Y is
A. 104.0 m
B. 104.5 m
C. 105.0 m
D. 105.5 m.
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251. Probable accidental error in precise levelling as recommended by International Geodetic Association, should not exceed where k is in kilometers.
A. ? 0.1 qiz mm
B.C ? 1 -Vre mm
C.B ? 0.5 AT? Mm
D. ? 2 v-k- mm
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252. Probable systematic error in precise levelling as recommended by International Geodetic Association should not exceed
A. ? 0.1 -4-k- mm
B. ? 0.2 Alrz mm
C. ? 0.1 Airz
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