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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

232.  Back bearing of a line is equal to
A. Fore bearing ? 90?
B. Fore bearing ? 180?
C. Fore bearing + 360?
D. Fore bearing + 270?.
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233.  The magnetic bearing of a line is 32? and the magnetic declination is 10? 15' W. The true bearing is
A. 21?45'
B. 42?15'
C. 42?15' W
D. 21?45' W.
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234.  Ranging in chain survey means
A. looking at an isolated point not on the line
B. establishing an intermediate point on the line
C. determining the distance between end points
D. determining the offset distance
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235.  Ranging is an operation of
A. reconnaissance
B. judging the distance
C. determination of slope
D. establishing intermediate points between terminals.
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236.  Measuring with a 30 m chain, 0.01 m too short, introduces
A. positive compensating error
B. negative compensating error
C. positive cumulative error
D. negative cumulative error,
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237. Metric chains are generally available in
A. 10 m and 20 m length
B. 15 m and 20 m length
C. 20 m and 30 m length
D. 25 m and 100 m length.
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238. The reduced level of a floor is 99.995 m, the staff reading on the floor is 1.505 m. If the inverted staff reading against the roof is 1.795 m, the floor level below the slab, is
A. 3.290 m
B. 3.300 m
C. 3.275 m
D. 2.790 m.
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