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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

218. Profile levelling is usually done for determining
A. contours of an area
B. capacity of a reservoir
C. elevations along a straight line
D. boundaries of property.
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219. The 'point of curve' of a simple circular curve, is
A. point of tangency
B. point of commencement
C. point of intersection
D. mid-pdint of the curve.
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220. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Box sextant is used for the measurement of horizohtal angles
B. Cross staff is used for setting out right angle:.
C. Gradiometer is used for setting out any required' gradient
D. All the above.
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221. Ramsden eye-piece consists of
A. two convex lenses short distance 'apart
B. two concave lenses short distance apart
C. one convex lens and one concave lens short distance apart
D. two plano-convex lenses short distance apart, with the convex surfaces facing each other.
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222. The ratio of the angles subtended at the eye, by the virtual image and the object, is known as telescope's
A. resolving power
B. brightness
C. field of view
D. magnification.
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223. In a perfect prismatic compass
A. magnetic axis and geometric axis of the needle coincide
B. ends of the needle and pivot are in same vertical and horizontal planes
C. pivot is vertically over the centre of the graduated circle
D. all the above.
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224. a, 13 are the horizontal angles measured at the ends of a base line AB to a hill top whose angle of elevation from station A is 0?. The height of the hill top above the trunnion axis of the theodolite station, is
A. . AB sin 13 tan 0 AB sin 0 tan a
B.sin 1180? - (a +13)] sin [1800 - (a + 0)]
C.AB sin 9 tan r3 AB sin cc tan 0
D.sin [180? - (a + 13)]sin [1800 - (a + 13)]
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