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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

211. Permanent adjustments of a level are
A. 2 in number
B. 3 in number
C. 4 in number
D. 6 in number.
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212. Planimeter is used for measuring
A. volume
B. area
C. contour gradient
D. slope angle
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213. Number of subdivisions per metre length of a levelling staff is
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214. Number of links per metre length of a chain are
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215. Cr s-staff is used for
A. settin ut right angles
B. measurin ontour gradient
C. taking levels
D. measuring distanes
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216. Pantagraph is used for
A. measuring distances
B. masring areas
C. enlarging or reducing plans
D. settin ut right angles.
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217. In chain surveying, perpendiculars to the ain line, are set out by
A. a theodolite
B. a prismatic compass
C. a level
D. an optical square.
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