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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

15. It is more difficult to obtain good results while measuring horizontal distance by stepping
A. up-hill
B. down-hill
C. in low undulations
D. in plane areas.
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16. The distance between steps for measuring down hill to obtain better accuracy
A. decreases with decrease of slope
B. increases with increase of slope
C. decreases with increase of slope
D. decreases with decrease of weight of the chain.
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17. The correction to be applied to each 30 metre chain length along 00 slope, is
A. 30 (sec 0 ? 1) m
B. 3-0 (sin 0 ? 1) m
C. 30 (cos 0 ? 1) m
D. 30 (tan 0 ? 1) m
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18. The slope correction for a length of 30 m along a gradient of 1 in 20, is
A. 3.75 cm
B. 0.375 cm
C. 37.5 cm
D. 2.75 cm.
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19. Correct distance obtained by an erroneous chain is : Erroneous chain length
A. Correct chain length x Observed distance
B. Correct chain length Erroneous chain length x Observed distance Correct chain length
C. Observed distance x Erroneous chain length f these.
D.m chain diverges through a perpendicular dis-its correct alignment, the error in length
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20. If the length of a chain line along a slope of 00 is 1, the required slope correction is
A. 21 cos.` 0/2
B. 21 sin2 0/2
C. 1 tan2 0/2
D. 1 cos2 0/2.
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21. Correction per chain length of 100 links along a slope of a radians, is
A. 100 a2
B. 100 a
C. 100 a3
D. 100 cc-1.
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