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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

169. The intercept of a staff
A. is maximum if the staff is held truly normal to the line of sight.
B. is minimum if the staff is held truly normal to the line of sight.
C. decreases if the staff is tilted away from normal
D. increases if the staff is tilted towards normal.
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170.  If vertical angles of inclined sights do not exceed 100 and non-verticality of the staff remains within 1?, stadia system of tacheometric observations are made on
A. staff normal
B. staff vertical
C. staff normal as well as vertical
D. none of these.
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171.  01 and 02 are the angles of elevation from A to the top and bottom of a vertically held rod of length S at B. The horizontal distance AB is
A. tan 01 - tan 02
B. tan 01 + tan 02
C. tan -02 01
D.tan 01 x tan 02
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172.  Subtense tacheometry is generally preferred to if ground is
A. flat
B. undulating
C. mountaineous
D. deserts.
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173.  The theodolites used for making tacheometric observations by optical wedge system, are
A. provided with stadia hairs in front of eye piece
B. not provided with stadia hairs at all
C. fitted with a glass wedge inside the telescope
D. fitted with a glass wedge in front of telescope.
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174.  The curve composed of two arcs of different radii having their centres on the opposite side of the curve, is known
A. a simple curve
B. a compound curve
C. a reverse curve
D. a vertical curve.
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175.  Designation of a curve is made by :
A. angle s'ibtended by a chord of any length B angle subtended by an arc of specified length
B. radius of the curve
C. curvature of the curve.
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