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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

155. The method generally preferred to for contouring an undulating area, is
A. chain surveying
B. plane table surveying
C. tacheometrical surveying
D. compass surveying.
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156. Stadia techeometry was discovered by James Watt in the year.
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157. The diaphragm of a stadia theodolite is fitted with two additional
A. hoOzo al hairs
B. vertic hairs
C. horizo tal and two vertical hairs
D. none bf these.
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158. The staff intercept will be
A. greater farther off the staff is held
B. smaller, farther off the staff is held
C. smaller, nearer the staff is held
D. same, wherever the staff is held.
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159. One of the tacheometric constants is additive, the other constant, is
A. subtractive constant
B. multiplying constant
C. dividing constant
D. indicative conkant.
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160. If i is the stadia distance, f is the focal length and d is the distance between the objective and vertical axis of the techeometer, the multiplying constant, is
A. i
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161. Tacheometric formula for horizontal distances using horizontal sights can also suitable be employed for inclined sights through 0 by multiplying
A. the constants by sin2 0
B. the constants by cos2 0
C. the constants by cos 0
D. the multiplying constant by cos20 and additive constant by cos 0.
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