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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

141. Under ordinary conditions, the precision of a theodolite traverse is affected by
A. systematic angular errors
B. accidental linear errors
C. systematic linear errors
D. accidental angular errors.
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142. In precision theodolite traverse if included angles are read twice and the mean reading accepted using both verniers having a least count of 30". Assuming the instrument to be in perfect adjustment, linear measurements correct to 6 mm per 30 metre tape duly corrected for temperature, slope and sag, the angular error of closure not to exceed
A. 50"
B. 30' 4/1.
C. 60' -q-r-z where n is the number of traverse legs.
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143. For locating a distant object visible from two transit stations, the method usually preferred to, is
A. Angles and distances from transit stations
B. Angles from two transit stations
C. distance from two transit stations
D. Angle from one transit station and distance from the other.
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144. Angles to a given pivot station observed from a number of traverse stations when plotted, the lines to the pivot station intersect at a common point
A. angular measurements are correct and not the linear measurements
B. linear measurements are correct and not the angular measurements
C. angular and linear measurements are correct and not the plotting of traverse
D. angular and linear measurements and also plotting of the traverse are correct.
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145. The most reliable method of plotting a theodolite traverse, is
A. by consecutive co-ordinates of each station
B. by independent co-ordinates of each station
C. by plotting included angles and scaling off each traverse leg
D. by the tangent method of plotting.
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146. The orthographical projection of a traverse leg upon the reference meridian, is known as
A. departure of leg
B. latitude to the leg
C. co-ordinate of the leg
D. bearing of the leg.
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147. The co-ordinate of a point measured perpendicular to the parallel, is called
A. total latitude
B. meridian distance
C. total departure
D. consecutive co-ordinate.
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