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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

134. An angle of deflection right, may be directly obtained by setting the instrument to read
A. zero on back station
B. 180? on back station
C. 90?
D. 270? on back station.
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135. You have to observe an included angle with better accuracy than what is achievable by a vernier, you will prefer the method of
A. repetition
B. reiteration
C. double observations
D. exactness.
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136. Centering error of a theodolite produces an error
A. in all angles equally
B. which does not vary with the direction or pointing
C. which varies with the direction of pointing and inversely with the length of sight
D. none of these.
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137. In horizontal angles, the error due to imperfect levelling of the plate bubble is
A. large when sights are nearly level
B. large for long sights
C. less for steeply inclined sights
D. large for steeply inclined sights.
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138. Removal of parallax, may be achieved by focusing
A. the objective
B. the eye-piece
C. the objective and the eye-piece
D. none of these.
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139. Accurate measurement of deflection angles with a transit not properly adjusted may be made by
A. setting the vernier A at zero at back station and then plunging the telescope
B. setting the vernier A at zero at back station and turning the instrument to the forward station
C. takingtaking two back sights one with the telescope normal and the other with telescope inverted
D. none of these.
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140. A transit is oriented by setting its vernier A to read the back azimuth of the preceding line. A back sight on the preceding transit station taken and transit is rotated about its vertical axis. The vernier A reads
A. azimuth of the forward line
B. bearing of the forward line
C. back bearing of the forward line
D. equal to 360??azimuth of the forward line.
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