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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

113. Magnetic declination at any place
A. remains constant
B. does'n remain constant
C. fluctuates
D. changes abruptly.
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114. The zero of the graduated circle of a prismatic compass is located at
A. north end
B. east end
C. south end
D. west end.
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115. The true meridian of a place is the line in which earth's surface is intersected by a plane through
A. east and west points
B. zenith and nadir points
C. north and south geographical poles
D. north and south magnetic poles.
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116. True meridian of different places
A. converge from the south pole to the north pole
B. converge from the north pole to the south pole
C. converge from the equator to the poles
D. run parallel to each other.
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117. True meridians are generally preferred to magnetic meridians because
A. these converge to a point
B. these change due to change in time
C. these remain constant.
D. None of these.
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118. During secular variation of magnetic meridian at different places
A. range of oscillations is constant
B. period of oscillation is constant
C. range and period of oscillation both vary
D. period of oscillation only varies.
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119. Diurnal variation of magnetic declination is
A. greater at equator than nearer the poles
B. less at equator than nearer the poles
C. less in summer than in winter
D. same at all latitudes and during different months.
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