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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

85. The best method of interpolation of contours, is by
A. estimation
B. graphical means
C. computation
D. all of these.

86. For preparation of a contour plan for a route survey
A. method of squares is used
B. method of trace contour is used
C. method of cross profile is used
D. indirect method of contouring is used.

87. Accuracy of elevation of various points obtained from contour map is limited to
A. -2 of the contour interval
B. th of the contour interval
C. rd of the contour interval
D. -5 th of the contour interval.

88. While surveying a plot of land by plane tabling, the field observations
A. and plotting proceed simultaneously
B. and plotting do not proceed simultaneously
C. and recorded in field books to be plotted later
D. all the above.

89. The instrument which is used in plane tabling for obtaining horizontal and vertical distances directly without resorting to chaining, is known as
A. Plane alidade
B. telescopic alidade
C. clinometer
D. tacheometer.

90. The operation of revolving a plane table about its vertical axis so that all lines on the sheet become parallel to corresponding lines on the ground, is known
A. levelling
B. centering
C. orientation
D. setting.

91. In setting up a plane table at any station
A. levelling is done first
B. centering is done first
C. both levelling and centering are done simultaneously
D. orientation is done first.

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