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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

71. The representation of general topography of a very flat terrain is possible only
A. by drawing contours at large interval
B. by drawing contours at small interval
C. by giving spot levels at large interval
D. by giving spot levels to salient features at close interval.

72. Contour interval, within the limits of a map
A. may be kept constant
B. may not be kept constant
C. must be kept constant
D. may vary according to the configuration.

73. The direction of steepest slope on a contour, is
A. along the contour
B. at an angle of 450 to the contour
C. at right angles to the contour
D. none of these.

74. Straight, parallel and widely spaced contours represent
A. a steep surface
B. a flat surface
C. an inclined plane surface
D. curved surface.

75. Two contour lines, having the same elevation
A. cannot cross each other
B. can cross each other
C. cannot unite together
D. can unite together.

76. Contours a different elevations may cross each other only in the case of
A. an over hanging cliff
B. a vertical cliff
C. a saddle
D. an inclined plane.

77. Closed contours of decreasing values towards their centre, represent
A. a hill
B. a depression
C. a saddle or pass
D. a river bed-.-

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