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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Surveying }

64.  A dumpy level is set up with its eye-piece vertically over a peg A. The height from the top of peg A to the centre of the eye-piece is 1.540 m and the reading on peg B is 0.705 m. The level is then setup over B. The height of the eye-piece above peg B is 1.490 m and a reading on A is 2.195 m. The difference in level between A and B is
A. 2.900 m
B. 3.030 m
C. 0.770 m
D. 0.785 m
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65.  In levelling operation
A. if second reading is more than first, it represents a rise
B. if first reading is more than second, it represents a rise
C. if first reading is less than second, it represents a fall
D. both B and C.
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66. For the construction of highway (or railway)
A. longitudinal sections are required
B. cross sections are required
C. both longitudinal and cross sections are required
D. none of these.
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67. An imaginary line joining the points of equal elevation on the surface of the earth, represents
A. contour surface
B. contour gradient
C. contour line
D. level line
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68. The boundary of water of a still lake, represents
A. level surface
B. horizontal surface
C. contour line
D. a concave surface.
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69. The constant vertical distance between two adjacent contours, is called
A. horizontal interval
B. horizontal equivalent
C. vertical equivalent
D. contour interval
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70. The contour interval is kept inversely proportional to
A. time and expense of field work
B. steepness of the configuration of the area
C. scale of the map
D. all the above.
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