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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Structural Design Specifications }

57. In limit state method, the design bond stress of M 30 grade concrete for plain bars in tension, is
A. 1.0 N/mm2
B. 1.2 N/mm2
C. 1.4 N/mm2
D. 1.5 N/ram2,

58. For deformed reinforcing bars, the permissible design bond stress may be increased by
D. 60%.

59.  For the plain reinforcing bars in compression, the permissible design bond stress in tension, is increased by

60. The anchorage value of standard U-type hook of a reinforcing bar of diameter d in tension, is
A. 4 d
B. 8 d
C. 12 d
D. 16 d

61. Four reinforcing bars of 30 mm diameter each, are bundled in contact. The lower two bars extend up to end supports, The distance between the points of termination of the upper bars, is kept
A. zero
B. 1.2 rn
C. 0.9 m
D. 0.75 m.

62.  Pick up the correct precaution while spilicing the reinforcing bars
A. These are provided away from the sections of maximum stress
B. These are staggered
C. These are provided if the B.M. is more than 50% of M.R.
D. All the above.

63. In compression members, the lap length of a bar should not be less than
A. 12 n

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