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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Structural Design Specifications }

50. A solid slab spanning in two directions at right angles and carrying a uniformly distributed load, is supported on beams. If the length of two such beams A and B perpendicular to each other are x and y (x< y), the load shared by the beam A, is
A. ?2 xy
B. ?3 xy
C. ?1 x2
D. -1 y2.

51. A column of rectangular section is considered short, if both the slenderness ratios are less than

52. 12The reduced level of third floor of a building near a column is 205.350 m. The reduced levels of the undersides of four beams supporting the fourth floor framing into the column mutually perpendicular are 208.350 m, 208.450 m, 208.500 m and 208.550 m. The supported length of the column is
A. 3.000 m
B. 3.100 m
C. 3.150 m
D. 3.200 m.

53. If the dimensions of a rectangular section of a short column are 15 cm x 20 cm, its unsuiported length should be restricted to
A. 9.0 m
B. 10 .0 m
C. 11.0 m
D. 12.0 m.

54. Columns are designed for a minimum eccentricity equal to io (unsupported length of the column), subject to a minimum of
A. 5 mm
B. 10 mm
C. 15 mm
D. 20 mm.

55. The reinforcing bars in beams are not bundled in contact if the diameter of the bars, exceeds
A. 12 mm
B. 20 mm
C. 35 mm
D. 36 mm.

56. The development length of each bar of three bars bundled together is increased by
D. 50%.

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