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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Structural Design Specifications }

43.  For design purpose, the moment at the support where two unequal spans or spans not equally loaded meet, is
A. lesser value
B. greater value
C. average of two values
D. none of these.
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44. The effective depth of a shallow beam is the distance between
A. maximum compression and tension fibres
B. neutral axis and maximum compression fibre
C. neutral axis and maximum tension fibre
D. maximum compression fibre and the centroid of the tension reinforcement
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45. If the main reinforcement of the slab is parallel to a T-beam, the transverse reinforcement at mid span of the slab is provided at least of main reinforcement
D. 70%.
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46. If b is actual width of a flange, Dt is the thickness of the flange, bw is the breath of the web, lo is the distance between the points of zero moments in a beam, the effective width of the flange, is
A. (10/b) + 2 + b but not lesser than b 1,
B. (10/ b) +3 + 2b? but not greater than b
C. 10/b + 4 + bw but not greater than b 0.54,
D. la/b + 4 + b, but not lesser than b.
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47. In case of continuous beams, the distance between the points of zero moment, may be obtained as, where 1 is the effective span.
A. 0.5 1
B. 0.6 1
C. 0.7 1
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48. The maximum deflection of a structure should not normally exceed lesser of the span/350 or
A. 10 mm
B. 15 mm
C. 20 nun
D. 25 mm.
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49. For spans upto 10 m, the safe span to depth ratio for
A. cantilever is 7
B. simply supported beams is 20
C. continuous beams is 26
D. all the above.
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