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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Structural Design Specifications }

127. Bending moment values for filler joists wL2
A. near middle of end span is + 10 wL2
B. at support next to end support is ?wL2
C. at middle of interior spans is + ?1-2 WL2
D. all the above.
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128. The designed transverse shear in lacing is assumed as
A. 2.5% of axial load
B. 3% of axial load
C. 3.5% of axial load
D. 4% of axial load.
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129. The ratio ?1 of the lacing bars for compression members shall not exceed
B. ' 120
D. 200,
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130. The effective length of lacing is the distance
A. between the inner end rivets of the bar for single lacing
B. 0.7 of the distance between the inner end rivets of the bar for double lacing
C. between the inner ends of effective lengths of welds connecting the members
D. all the above.
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131. The width of lacing bars in mm is kept
A. equal to, nominal rivet diameter
B. twice the nominal rivet diameter
C. thrice the nominal rivet diameter
D. maximum of the above?rounded to nearest 5 mm.
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132. The thickness of flat lacing bars for single lacing is, taken, where 1 is effOctiye length of the bar.
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133. The angle of inclination of the lacing bars with axis of the member is kept between
A. 200 and 500
B. 300 and 600
C. 400 and 70?
D. 50? and 80?.
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