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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Structural Design Specifications }

120. Dispersion of load through the flange to web is considered as dispersed uniformly at an angle 0? is
B. 15?
C. 20?
D. 30?,
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121. The minimum thickness of the web plate for a crane gantry plate girder with a lifting load exceeding 15 tonnes, is
A. 4 mm
B. 5 mm
C. 6 mm
D. 8 mm.
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122. The greater clear dimension of web of thickness 't' should not exceed
A. 180 t
B. 200 t
C. 240 t
D. 270 t
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123. The gap between web plates and flange plates fro fillet welds should not be more than
A. 0.5 mm
B. 0.75 mm
C. 1 0 mm
D. 1.5 mm.
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124. Pick up the correct statement for the web stiffeners.
A. vertical stiffeners are spaced at a distance not greater than 1.5 d and not less than 0.33 d
B. d is the distance between flange angles or the clear distance between flanges
C. for horizontal stiffeners, d is the clear distance between the horizontal stiffener and the tension flange
D. all the above.
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125. The outstand of stiffeners should be where t is the thickness of flat.
A. 6 t
B. 8 t
C. 10 t
D. 12 t
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126. The spans of filler joists supporting a slab may be considered approximately equal if the longest span does not exceed the shortest span more than
D. 20%.
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