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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Structural Design Specifications }

106. The maximum horizontal deflection of a column of actual length L, when subjected to lateral forces, may be upto
A.125 L
B. 250 L
C.325 L
D. 400L
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107.  The value of /bet in the formula t = Al3W ( ?2 B2--- A -- for calculating the thickness of a rectangular gular base, according to IS: 800-1982, is
A. 1500 kg/cm2
B. 1650 kg/cm2
C.1.800 kg/cm2
D. 1890 kg/cm2.
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108.  In the formula 4311 9 B2 Act
A. A and B are the dimensions of the column
B. A and B are the dimensions of the base plate
C. A is the greater projection of the plate beyond the column
D. Both (c) and of above.
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109. If a and b are the sides of a square column and its base, the thickness of the base may be calculated from the formula
A. t =a2
B. t =?(2a ? b2 )
C. t ?196fWbct (b a)2
D. t -196fWbct (a ? b)2 ?
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110. The thickness of the rectangular plate for the cap or base of a solid round steel columns, is calculated from the formula
A. the reduced diameter of the column
B. the dimension of the base
C. the diameter of the base
D. the diameter of the top.
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111. The minimum length of the side or diameter of the column base shall not be less than, where d is the minimum diameter of the column
A. (d + 75) ram
B. 1.2 (d ?75) mm
C. 1.5 (d + 75) mm
D. 1.6 (d + 75) mm
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112. The slenderness ratio of single. angle discontinuous struts conmected by a single rivet or bolt, shall not exceed
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