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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Structural Design Specifications }

85.  If the ratio of effective supported beam is less than span to overall depth of a simply 1, the lever arm is
A. 0.3/
D. 0.6/.

86.  The flat slab is a reinforced concrete slab with or without drops and is supported
A. on columns without column head
B. on columns with column head
C. on beams
D. None of these.

87.  The distance of the critical section for shear from the periphery of the column or drop panal is at a distance, where d is effective depth of flat slab.
A. 1d
B. -2d
C. -3d
D. -5d

88.  The slenderness effect of a wall is considered if the effective height of the wall exceeds the thickness
A. 8 times
B. 10 times
C. 12 times
D. 16 times.

89. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. For steel castings, the minimum tensile strength is 41 kg/mm2 and minimum yield stress is 20.5 kg/mm2
B. For mild steel the minimum tensile strength is 44 kg/mm2 and minimum elongation of 23% on a gauge length of 5.65^/.-A-
C. For high tensile steel, the minimum tensile strength is 58 kg/mm2
D. All the above.

90. As per IS : 800-1982, the coefficient of expansion for steel per degree centigrade per unit length, is
D. 0.000014.

91.  As per IS: 1982, the permissible axial tension in rolled I-beams and channels, is
A. 1500 kg/cm2
B. 1800 kg/cm2
C. 1400 kg/cm2
D. 1420 kg/cm2.

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