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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Structural Design Specifications }

71. The side face reinforcement is provided if the depth of the web of a beam exceeds
A. 600 mm
B. 650 mm
C. 700 mm
D. 750 mm
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72. The total area of side face reinforcement, in case of a deep beam should not be less than
A. 0.1% of web area -
B. 0.2% of web area
C. 0.3% of web area
D. 0.4% of web area.
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73. The maximum spacing of shear reinforcement should not exceed 0.75 d subject to a minimum of
A. 300 mm
B. 350 mm
C. 400 mm
D. 450 mm
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74. If b is the width of a beam, x is the spacing of the stirrup and fc is the characteristic strength of stirrups, the minimum cross sectional area of stirrup legs, should be equal or greater than
A. 10 mm
B. 20 mm
C. 30 mm
D. 40 mm
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75. The maximum characteristic strength of the stirrups reinforcement, is taken
A. 350 N/mm2
B. 375 N/mm2
C. 395 N/mm2
D. 415 N/mm2
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76. The minimum area of cross section of reinforcement in either direction of a slab should not be less than ...... of the slab cross section
D. 0.20%.
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77. If D is the overall thickness of the slab, the diameter of the reinforcing bars should not exceed
A. 4-1 D
B. 5-1 D
C. 6-1 D
D. 8?1 D
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