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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Strength Of Materials }

57.  If the width b and depth d of a beam simply supported with a central load are interchanged, the deflection at the centre of the beam will be changed in the ratio of
B. dlb
C. (d1b)2
D. (bid)2

58. The deflection of any rectangular beam simply supported, is
A. directly proportional to its weight
B.inversely proportional to its width
C. inversely proportional to the cube of its depth
D. directly proportional to the cube of its length

59.  Stress in a beam due to simple bending, is
A. directly proportional
B. inversely proportional
C. curvilinearly related
D. none of these.

60.  For a beam, if fundamental equations of statics are not sufficient to determine all the reactive forces at the supports, the structure is said to be
A. determinate
B. statically determinate
C. statically indeterminate
D. none of these.

61.  For a beam having fixed ends, the unknown element of the reactions, is
A. horizontal components at either end
B. vertical components at either end
C. horizontal component at one end and vertical component at the other
D. horizontal and vertical components at both the ends.

62. A long vertical member, subjected to an axial compressive load, is called
A. a column
B. a strut
C. a tie
D. a stanchion

63. The t-atio of the effective length of a column and minimum radius of gyration of its cross-sectional area, is known
A. buckling factor
B. slenderness ratio
C. crippling factor
D. none of these.

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