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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Strength Of Materials }

8. The minimum number of rivets for the connection of a rivet hole and the gusset plate, is
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9. The weakest section of a diamond riveting, is the section which passes through
A. first row
B. second row
C. central raw
D. one rivet hole of end row.
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10. If b is the width of a plate joined by diamond riveting of diameter d, the efficiency of the joint is given by
A. b + d
B. b - d
C. -E (1 - m)
D. P (1 + m)
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11. Pick up the incorrect statement
A. The cross-sectional area of the welded member is effective
B. A welded joint develops strength of its parent metal
C. Welded joints provide rigidity
D. Welding takes more time than riveting.
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12.  The type of butt joints in common use, is :
A. single inverted V-butt joint
B. double V-butt joint
C. double U-butt joint
D. single V-butt joint.
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13.  The maximum load to which a fillet joint of length L can be subjected to, is
A. 0.7 x S x fillet size x L
B. 2 x S x fillet size x L
C. permissible shear stress x fillet size x L
D.S x fillet size x L 3
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14.  The maximum resistance against rotation, is offered by the weld at a point
A. most distant
B. least distant
C. at either end
D. centrally located.
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