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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Strength Of Materials }

92.  For a stable frame structure, number of members required, is
A. three times the number of joints minus three
B. twice the number of joints minus three
C. twice the number of joints minus two
D. twice the number of joints minus one

93.  The reaction at the supports will be vertical to the plane of the support if the frame structure rests on
A. roller supports
B. free supports
C. hinged supports
D. all the above.

94. Reactions at the supports of a structure can be determined by equating the algebraic sum of
A. horizontal forces to zero
B. vertical forces to zero
C. moment about any point to zero
D. all the above.

95.  If two forces acting at a joint are not along the straight line, then for the equilibrium of the joint
A. one of the forces must be zero
B. each force must be zero
C. forces must be equal and of the same sign
D. forces must be equal in magnitude but opposite in sign.

96. Stress in members of statically determinate simple frames, can be determined by
A. method of joints
B. method of sections
C. graphical solution
D. all the above.

97.  A joint of a frame is subjected to three tensile force P. Q and R equally inclined to each other. If P is 10 tonnes, the other forces will be
A. Q = 10 tonnes and R = zero
B. R + 10 tonnes and Q = zero
C. Q + R = 10 tonnes
D. Q and R each is equal to 10 tonnes.

98.  A member is balanced at its end by two inclined members carrying equal forces. For equilibrium the angle between the inclined bars must be
A. 3?
B. 45?
C.(d) 90?
D. 120?..

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